All goods imported into the United States pass through U.S. Customs and Border Protection and are subject to customs duties unless specifically exempted by law. Approval involves many steps including inspection and evaluation.

The Import Shipping and Customs Act stipulates that goods imported into a country shall be declared according to the official classification of the tariff schedule. A security deposit may be required, some types of goods must meet acceptable standards, and appropriate permits must be obtained in advance from the importer.
At HK GE, our licensed and professional import services team has years of experience in ensuring your goods pass through the US customs process smoothly. Our representative will determine if your import shipping requirements require door-to-door freight forwarding services, US customs clearance, or both. We reach out to our worldwide network of distributors to work with our international contacts to properly dispatch your goods. We prepare bills of lading, arrange to ship, and handle US customs clearance, duties and taxes, and all related fees. If something goes wrong, we know what to do to fix it.


List of import services

Application for Importer ID: Obtained from Customs.
Ongoing Assurance: Each imported shipment must be bound so that the U.S. government can ensure that it receives the correct duties and fees. Frequent shippers often want an ongoing deposit for all shipments. We can arrange this for you.
Customs Inspections: In some cases, US Customs and Border Protection randomly selected items for inspection. We will arrange transportation to the testing location and cover the testing costs reimbursed by the importer. FDA, USDA processing, and other required government agency processing: We will process any necessary prior notice, documentation, and samples you request.
Domestic and International Freight: We have established relationships with the most reliable transportation and document delivery services.
Personal Item Entry: Generally, this service is offered to people who live abroad and wish to bring their items back to the United States.
Special Classifications: Our experts know which category your item falls into.
US Customs and Border Protection Processing: Expert guidance on regulations, tariffs, tariff rates, and troubleshooting. For efficient and accurate processing, we use an electronic ACE system.
Steel License: A license can be arranged.
Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Bond: New requirements for importers.
You can complete your import shipment hassle-free with our convenient import service.
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Our comprehensive solutions and proprietary platform are designed with the end-to-end needs of our trading customers in mind. This includes transactions, information, and notifications.

Trade Online enables companies to process trade finance transaction requests such as issuance and modification of bank guarantees, issuance, and modification of letters of credit, remittances abroad, export invoices, advance payments, SG/DO, I-BoE, e-BG, etc. A unique platform for e-LC, I-DOCS, and eDocs online. The Trade Online module works through the Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) platform. Customers can use their Company ID and User ID to log in from our website and initiate trade requests that are sent directly to the banking system without manual intervention.

Key Benefits

Convenience for submitting trade transactions for customers having current accounts with the bank.
Templatization of repetitive transactions
Customized authorization matrix at customer end
Quicker turnaround time for closure of trade transaction requests

Security Features

Robust authentication processes
Encrypted sessions between the customer and the Bank (SSL v3 128-bit)
Audit trails for administrative and transactional activities
24/7 security monitoring and centralized incident management team
Access control – for compliance and audit requirements at the customer’s end

At HK GE, we offer our clients customized hedging and trading solutions, evaluating their business strategy across markets and time zones through dedicated forex Relationship Managers.


Regulatory Pendency Reports: The client can view in real-time the number of outstanding regulatory pending reports about transactions already processed. This includes outstanding export advance payments, unrealized export invoices, and pending customs document submissions.
PCFC report: This data is provided to customers in real-time.

Letters of Credit – Import, Export, and Domestic
Invoices – Import Invoices, Export Invoices, Incoming Invoices, and Outgoing Invoices
Bank guarantee
Convenient reports: Download reports in the format of your choice (Excel spreadsheet, comma/pipe, or tab-delimited)

Scheduling payments and acting on time are key requirements in business transactions. To meet these critical needs, trade alerts are available that are specifically designed to provide details on trade deadlines and payment amounts. In order not to miss these alerts, they will be emailed to you. Trade alerts are sent weekly to your registered email id. A CIB Company ID is a requirement to receive weekly trade alerts.

You can now receive real-time transaction notifications for all types of transactions your bank has executed. SMS Alerts allow you to register your mobile number for product-specific SMS per account.

EXPORT Foreign Markets Research

International market research is a key component of a successful export plan. It is important to critically examine and assess factors related to product demand and specific export destinations. This information maximizes your efforts while keeping your export plans cost and time efficient. Our resources help you compare markets and target the right market.



Use our resources to plan your next export step. With years of experience and connections in markets around the world, you can trust our objective reports and data.

Country survey

Country-by-country commercial guides on market conditions, opportunities, regulations, and customs from US embassies around the world.


Free trade agreements (FTAs) between the United States and some trading partners provide low- or zero-tariff access, strong intellectual property protection, and greater compliance by U.S. exporters to FTA member countries’ product standards.

Industry Research

Find the latest market information, trading events, and trading recommendations for your industry.

Get timely updates on industry opportunities and market conditions from US Embassy trade experts.

Learn about potential new export markets based on current trading patterns.

An interactive tool that uses US export statistics to find industry growth markets and trends.

Understand the competitive landscape within the sector, including opportunities and challenges in key markets.

Corrective Action In Foreign Trade

Countries with antidumping, countervailing, or safeguarding measures that affect U.S. exports.


Preparing products

Preparing products for shipment, choosing shipping options, and completing required paperwork are critical steps in a successful export transaction.

Product Export Preparation

Some products and their packaging need to be modified for export.

Shipping Options

Choosing the right mode of transport is very important.

Proper shipping documentation, including submission to AESDirect, is essential for a smooth export transaction.

Special considerations to reduce shipping costs.

Use the Customs Info tariff tool to check the tariff rate of your products.

An Export Trade Certificate of Review (ETCR) allows you to work with other companies to reduce shipping costs, increase your bargaining power and build a long-term export business.


Once you have identified your new foreign buyers, consider how to best ship your goods to your international customers efficiently, safely, and legally. Start by checking with a few different international shipping companies to compare the costs and services available. In addition to their expertise in shipping documents, many carriers specialize in specific types of shipments.